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    Hello everyone!

    I知 new to the forum, and excited to be here.

    i just got two ADF. I am really enjoying seeing them dart around the tank. I do have some questions I知 hoping you guys could help me answer.

    1. One of my little guys switches colour, from green to grey and back. It痴 usually in a matter of a half an hour. Is this a sign of sickness?

    2. ATM they are in a quarantine tank. It痴 about 2.5 gallons. I知 waiting for my 35gallon to be cycled, and I値l move them into their permanent home. That tank is about 18 deep, but I have added gravel, and there is lots of tall hard scrapping they could rest on. Should I be worried about them?

    3. I致e seen different advice about how much to feed them. But one thing that comes up a lot is 素eed them until they are full. How do I know they are full? Are they like fish, will they eat until they burst?

    thanks everyone

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