A special update is needed for this because it's very special and important to the project I'm working on.

I said 5 years ago was the last time I saw a juvenile wood frog in my woods and have searched for them ever since. Well April 19 we were actually searching for American Toads and I saw something jump across the abandoned road we were on. I immediately got out I knew it was larger then a spring peeper but jumped very far. My friend identified it first and it was a young male Wood Frog!

I do not have any pictures just yet but seeing the Wood Frog in my woods again I have an idea of where they live and it's a good thing. So the frogs must have migrated to the part of the woods that is posted on both sides. Nobody cuts it down and there are no houses on this road for a mile. It's the beginning of the edge of my woods and it is the home apparently for the Wood Frog! This youngster looked different from the wood frogs we saw in the area being deforested. It looked really nice with markings on it to help blend in. This was very prominent.

The reason this is big news is that the Wood Frogs still exist in my woods after an absence of 5 years it's almost another breakthrough discovery to find them again.

I'll upload pictures of it soon!

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