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Thread: African Clawed Frog not eating

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    Question African Clawed Frog not eating

    Hello! A few months ago I purchased and Albino clawed frog to put in my 20 G community tank, the people at the store told me he would be fine with smaller fish but after researching, I didnít want him to eat my platys and corydoras so I put him in my 75 G South American Cichlids tank stocked with convicts and Jack Dempseyís who were still small as I recently got them too. They got along fine until two of my Jack Dempseyís had fry and started attacking the other fish and the frog. Because the frog was always attacked about two weeks ago I moved him into a ten gallon aquarium by himself. He has been chirping ever since and I hardly see him eat, heís also been very skittish and looks thinner. Iím currently housing a baby clawed frog in my 20 G because he is too small to eat the fish, I tried to put him in with the other one but they immediately started to fight each other so I removed the little one immediately. Now Iím worried about that my adult clawed frog is stressed and I donít want him to die as he refuses to eat, does anyone know what I can do?

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    Default Re: African Clawed Frog not eating

    If i where you i would just wait. at one point he is going to have to eat. are you just dropping the food in there because if than he is not going to see it i would feed him with tweezers to help him see it batter. as you can tell i'm new to this so i do not know a lot about frogs/toads but i hope this helps you frog eat again.

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