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    I bought a Pixie yesterday from the local pet store describing my new friend as a giant. After some research I found that this may not be true. I’m seeking help on identifying this Pixie’s Species. Thank you.
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    Name:  0A34FE95-1E0F-4924-8846-D4828D39CC7A.jpeg
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Size:  3.15 MBName:  20CCFF3B-DBF0-48C9-8AA3-4765D50F7766.jpeg
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Size:  2.36 MB Update. I have transferred frog to more of a permanent housing as of now. This setup now includes a plant (not shown) and is bioactive. The white things you see are either springtails or white tropical isopods.

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    UPDATE: Pixie is showing blue coloration on hind legs and to me that’s a sign of a giant (barely visible in pic). Also has grown double it’s size in 2 weeks. Hoping and thinking male. After he/she gets done eating it crawls into its water bowl and makes little sounds sounding like a human baby burping. Pic to follow. Name:  3AF61404-961C-40A2-B8E0-732EB233D699.jpeg
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Size:  2.35 MBName:  FCB1A698-C034-49C1-A23A-2F68D4A29EC8.jpeg
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Size:  3.22 MB Generally not this round but puffed up when I put the quarter in.

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