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Thread: Is this an egg or egg cluster?? Help!

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    Default Is this an egg or egg cluster?? Help!

    Okay, so I was doing my usual maintenance of cleaning the water dish for my two gray tree frogs, and thought one of my “girls” pooped in it (again). But....this doesn’t look like poop, y’all. It’s very round, and there’s a weird bubble sort of consistency to it. I haven’t heard either one of them trilling, and I was fairly convinced that they were both females. But now I’m not so sure. Is this an egg or egg sac? If so, what do I do to keep it developing? If not, then what the heck is it?? I’m baffled. It has been warmer here in Virginia, so their terrarium has been getting into the upper 70s during the day with cooler upper 60s at night. Humidity is easy to maintain. They’ve also been eating well with a few Dubia roaches and a handful of crickets every 2-3 days. Both are thriving! But I am clueless as to caring for offspring of Bum and Spaz. Any advice? Thank you in advance!
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