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Thread: Freakyy frog tank

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    Default Freakyy frog tank

    So I have this old cabinet I've been teasing myself with a frog tank build and today I started the process and would just like to share my build with everyone.

    Also wouldnt mind advice from everyone veiwing.

    This would be my first build of this level. I have 2 Australian whites and they are in a 10 gal that I built.

    Thanks for being here and enjoy the build its gonna be a slow process as I dont have a lot of time but it's coming one step at a time.
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    Default Re: Freakyy frog tank

    For heat I'm thinking of doing something like floor heat for the whole tank that runs thro the foam walls I'll be putting in.

    Cooling will be 2 fans in the top and one installed in the back wall...? Maybe.

    Both will be set on a temp controller.

    For humidity I'll have a DIY auto mister.

    Background will be spray foamed in.
    Want 4 to 6 inches of dirt for plant growth.
    Gonna do a DIY little pool for water with gravity drain for ease of cleaning.
    If any other ideas come up I'll post and hope get some advice thanks

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