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    Default Waynozon maintenance

    I have a large vivarium that I made for poison arrow frogs.
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    It is not completely done, but it is fairly mature. I am building up invertebrates so that I won¬’t have to feed my critters. I began having a problem with wood lice. They were so abundant that they were eating my plants in the middle of the day. I also have slugs mealy bugs, scale, and some other things. I want those things. They are part of the food chain for my frogs, when I get them... but in the meantime, I needed to control the wood lice, so I grabbed a baby toad from outside and put it in. That was probably seven months ago.

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    He, Tiberius, is quite the climber. And everything was cool. Wood lice were hiding and eating dead things, slugs got rare, I would see some toad poop around, but rarely the toad. I¬’d find him when I was watering sometimes. He would hop when I hit him with the spray. I¬’m used to him being gone, but this time he¬’s been gone for a while. The temperature in there can get as low as sixty at night, and not higher than seventy during the day. During the summer, it is warmer... obviously.

    The question I have not been able to find the answer to is about hibernation. I think Tiberius might be hibernating. I didn¬’t think it was cold enough for that. Is there a clock that toads have? Will they hibernate for a period as part of their toad modus?

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