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Thread: Possible impaction? Help needed!

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    Default Possible impaction? Help needed!

    My White's tree frog has been under the care of my dad since I went off to college, I believe he may be impacted. For the past week he has been acting lethargic and from what it looks like his right side is slightly bloated. My dad says he has been acting lethargic over the previous week too. It hasn't been eating either, except for one cricket which I tong fed it the other day. Gave it a honey bath three days ago, and another one yesterday. They seem to make him more energetic, but no poop yet. I'm going to give him another honey bath today, and am considering taking him to a vet tomorrow if he doesn't poop. I'm also going back to college on Sunday, so I'm really worried because my dad can't really handle things like this, he can only do the bare minimum such as change water, mist, feed, etc. Anyways, I've attached some pics, and although hard to see, does it look/sound like an impaction? Help would be appreciated, thanks.Name:  frog1.JPG
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    Default Re: Possible impaction? Help needed!

    That's a tough one - impaction usually results in a general swelling of the abdomen in frogs, not such a localized area. In fact, that's forward of most of the intestines and more in the region of the stomach (although it's off to the side of the body more than the stomach). My guess would be not an impaction but in any case, it's very hard to treat externally. I've never heard of a honey bath :/. I would encourage you to try the vet, but be prepared to pay far more than the original cost of the frog (not trying to be cold, just practical).
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