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Thread: Are superworms okay for large Cuban tree frogs?

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    Default Are superworms okay for large Cuban tree frogs?

    Hi, Are superworms okay for large Cuban tree frogs? I have large Cuban tree frogs as pets for over two years now and I was unable to purchase my few thousand crickets on Thursday and am completely out of food until they arrive on Tuesday. I am going to store pet store tomorrow but you all know they charge like 10 bucks for 50 crickets and that isn't even enough for one meal for all my frogs. So I have breed and have 1000's of superworms and have never fed them to my frogs cus I heard they eat through the stomach. I have been searching this for three days straight now and cannot get a real answer. I am very uncomfortable cutting the head off the superworm, I can't do it. So I need to know if it is okay to feed frogs superworms? We are on day 3 of no feeding, my frogs are spoiled and get offered food daily, so everyone eats some night, others on other nights. I'm stressing out over this. Please help. Thank you.

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