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Thread: Humidity too low? Help.

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    Default Humidity too low? Help.

    So I'm assuming my humidity is too low, because whenever I see Giorno, he seems to be hiding in between the moss bed and the soil. I see him there a lot and I'm thinking the humidity is too low. Any advice?

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    Default Re: Humidity too low? Help.

    What type of tree frog is it? What temperature is it in there? Is the substrate moist? Are there many hiding places?
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    Default Re: Humidity too low? Help.

    He's a white tree frog, the soil I use is eco earth and I try to keep the temp and humidity around 65. But I feel the humidity could be higher. I have moss around his tank that he sometimes hides under. He's on top of the log I have in the tank rn, he looks green and healthy. But I feel he just still needs to get use to his new tank.

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    Default Re: Humidity too low? Help.

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