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Thread: 1 inch white tree frog isn't growing.

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    Default 1 inch white tree frog isn't growing.

    So I bought two wtfs about 3-4 months ago. One was about 2 inches and the other was about 1 inch. Now, the bigger one is now a little bit bigger and the other one seems the same size. Hugo, the bigger one, eats from tweezers and I put a couple of crickets in his cage so he can get some exercise. Itty bitty, the smaller one, won't take crickets from tweezers and only hangs on the water bowl. Its hard for him to catch crickets because he really doesn't move around much. I had them in the same cage (a 10 gallon) but now I bought a 20 gallon high and put Hugo in it learning that Hugo may eat itty bitty. I'm just concerned that itty bitty isn't eating enough. I see that his belly sometimes looks stuffed but usually he looks very skinny. I learned about the trick of putting crickets in a glass bowl but I haven't gone out and bought the bowl yet and even if I buy it, since he doesn't leave the water bowl how will he get the crickets? Anyway, if you got any ideas for me or any suggestions let me know, sorry for the long post! I'm just very concerned.

    I have a heat lamp over his cage for day and night, 75 watts during day and 50 during night. The cage is around 80 degrees. Humidity does drop to about 30 but I mist 2 times a day and am planning on adding sphagnum moss to the cage. Anyways, thanks! If you need more info just ask.

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    Default Re: 1 inch white tree frog isn't growing.

    Hi there! Please answer all of the relevant questions here to help us help you!


    1----what 'kind' of frog is it ( what species)
    2----please include a photo of the frog
    3----Please include a photo of the frog's current enclosure
    4----size of enclosure ( W" x D" x H" )
    5----# on inhabitants - ( if there is another frog --- is there a size difference ? )
    6----has or was the frog kept with a different species or with any other tank mate
    7----is there a new tank mate----was the new tank mate quarantined
    8----what is the typical humidity level
    9----what temperature is maintained
    10---what is, specifically, being used to maintain the temperature of the enclosure
    11---describe the enclosure lighting ( very specifically)
    12---describe enclosure maintenance ( water changes, cleaning etc)
    13---what kind of water is used
    -----for misting
    -----for the frog's soaking dish
    -----is de-chlorinator used / what brand
    14---material(s) used for substrate - be very specific
    15---enclosure set up:
    -----if recent - describe how the enclosure was cleaned
    -----plants( live or artificial) if artificial plants are used are they plastic or fabric
    -----describe wood, bark , and background materials
    16---when is the last time the frog ate
    17---have you found poop lately
    18---how often is the frog fed
    19---what size feeder is given
    20---what other feeders are used as treats
    21---what is the frog's main food source
    22---do feeders roam free in the enclosure or is the frog bowl fed
    23---vitamins - what brand and how often
    24---calcium - what brand and how often
    25---was the frog without calcium for any period of time
    26---approximate age of the frog
    27---how long have you owned the frog
    28---who cared for the frog before you
    29---is the frog wild caught or captive bred
    30---how often the frog is handled -- are gloves used ( what kind of gloves)
    31---is the enclosure kept in a high or low traffic area
    30---has or was the frog properly quarantined (yes or no)
    -----for how long
    32---has the frog been treated with any medication:
    -----for what
    -----name of medication
    -----for how long
    -----what dose
    -----was medication prescribed by a herp vet

    i really think that you should quarantine your frog, especially if you think that he’s been having inconsistent feeding patterns. The quarantine enclosure should be simple. It should include:
    -A smaller yet still decent sized tank or tub, washed well (making sure there is no soapy scent and that ALL of the soap is gone after
    -damp paper towels as substrate
    -something simple to climb on
    -a water dish
    -a place to hide

    from there you should able to monitor everything your frog eats and most important how much waste he is passing. If your frog continues to not eat or pass waste it may be time to take him to the vet.

    I must say that it sounds like your humidity is falling too low. I prefer heat pads to lamps for frogs because the lamps dry everything out. That doesn’t really explain how one thrived while the other fell behind though

    Finally I’d like to mention that sphagnum moss is not the best for White’s Tree Frogs. They are messy and could swallow the moss and become impacted.

    caerulea 1.1.0 (White's Tree Frog)
    Lampropeltis triangulum hondurensis ​0.1.0 (Anerythristic Honduran Milk Snake) Tliltocatl albopilosus 0.0.2 (Curly Hair Tarantula)
    Aphonopelma hentzi 0.0.1 (Texas Brown Tarantula)
    Avicularia avicularia 0.0.2 (Pinktoe Tarantula)
    Brachypelma smithi ex. annitha 0.0.1 (Mexican Giant Red Knee Tarantula) Monocentropus balfouri 0.0.2 (Socotra Island Blue Baboon Tarantula)
    Harpactira pulchripes
    0.0.1 (Golden Blue Leg Baboon Tarantula)

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