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Thread: Baby African claws frog keeps floating to the surface (help)

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    Question Baby African claws frog keeps floating to the surface (help)

    I have four baby clawed frogs. As of this morning, one of them has started to float at the surface. I know that this is involuntary as it tries to swim to be bottom, but then it fails and floats back up. His right side seems to be the one that floats up first. Is it just air? Because I do not think it is bloat as I don't feed bloodworms and he is not swelled up (except for his side). I was searching earlier and read that baby frogs sometimes have problems knowing how much air to keep in their body and that's why they float. I hope this is true as I don't want to lose my frog. Name:  BNNQqqi.jpg
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    Default Re: Baby African claws frog keeps floating to the surface (help)

    Well, almost a day later and they're back to normal. Actually, this morning one of my frogs who has a leg problem (when they try to swim quickly their whole body twists, but when moving normally nothings wrong) was also floating, but now they're all back to normal. I added a bit of aquarium (epsom) salt to the tank so that may have helped. So if anybody has the same problem and sees this thread, just do add some salt and wait it out.

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    Default Re: Baby African claws frog keeps floating to the surface (help)

    Bloating among ACFs is quite common. Since they live in water constantly, sometimes there is an imbalance and the frog absorbs more water that it needs. A little salt is all that the frog needs to back to normal.
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