Hello. I have 2 ADF in a 5 gal Marineland Portrait Aquarium. I have live plants and my substrate is CaribSea Eco-complete. I did a fishless N-cycle on the tank and it has been established for about 3 weeks now. I have noticed that 1 of my ADFs is much skinnier than the other. I see my plump one (Permit) eating all the time but the other one I have not seen eat yet. I feed them freeze-dried bloodworms and some frog pellets. I took my skinny frog (Phoebe) out and put her in a small quarantine tank with a small heater. I watched her all day today while I worked and tried repeatedly feeding her but she never ate. Do you think she is sick or do I need to find a better food for her that will stimulate her appetite? She is active, has clear eyes, and scurries away when I come close. I attached 2 pics of Phoebe (skinny) and 1 pic of Permit (plump. Again Permit is quite happy and sings all the time. Any help would be appreciated!!!