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Thread: My Pacman frog is bloated!

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    Default My Pacman frog is bloated!

    I got my Pacman frog, Avocado, exactly a week ago at NARBC. Hes about two inches long, and is currently being housed in a five gallon enclosure on a mixture of eco earth and sphagnum moss while hes in quarantine. I have a small heat pad on one side of the enclosure. The hot side stays between 80-85 degrees and his cool side ranges from 70-75. I replace his substrate and disinfect the enclosure weekly, and change the water daily. I mist him down twice a day, and the humidity stays between 70-80%. Any water that comes into contact with him/his enclosure is dechlorinated. I alternate between dusting his crickets with a multivitamin without d3, calcium, and calcium with d3. I tong feed him 5-7 1/2 inch crickets every other day. His appetite and pooping has been completely normal. The only issue is, these past 2-3 days, Ive noticed that hes gotten a bit bloated. When I gently squeeze his sides, he feels squishy and full of water. He soaks in his water dish a lot as well. This might just be me being paranoid, but when I was soaking him as I cleaned his enclosure today, I noticed two little off-white strings floating in there with him after he had been in there for about 5 minutes, and it immediately made me think parasites (but maybe Im just crazy), so I immediately put him in fresh water.

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    Default Re: My Pacman frog is bloated!

    The strings could possibly be shed skin? Sometimes frogs shed when they get into their water dish. I think it's normal for them to feel "squishy" as well, as long as it's not too squishy if that makes sense? Like you shouldn't be able to feel skeleton, and they are mostly made of water so it's normal for them to be soft. If it gets worse or you're concerned about parasites really the only thing to do is take him to the vet and have his poop checked. I know some people immediately bring a poop sample to the vet when they get a new frog to have it tested for parasites just to make sure.

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