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Thread: Do pacmen frogs really need to eat mice?

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    Default Do pacmen frogs really need to eat mice?

    Hi all, I am thinking about getting into the hobby and purchasing a Pacman frog however the only thing putting me off really is when they are older do the really need to be fed mice? Iím fine when they are young with feeding insects however I just want to know do they need to eat mice or can they survive off bigger locus when fully grown? Cheers Ben.

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    Default Re: Do pacmen frogs really need to eat mice?

    You can certainly feed your pacman frog crickets and worms for its whole life. Some even recommend not feeding it mice due to the fattiness of it and a suspected link between it and liver failure in frogs along with some suspecting a link for early life spans. I usually feed mine small live crickets as it is only a baby but when it gets older you can try different kinds of worms. Nightcrawlers are the best staple food for pacmans and you can also feed it hornworms and butterworms as a treat. I just feed mine crickets every two days and dust them with calcium every other feeding. Hope that helps and good luck with your frog

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    Default Re: Do pacmen frogs really need to eat mice?

    No they can go their whole life without any mice at all, it is best to feed them feeder insects but you can add mice in around twice a year.

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