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    Hello! I need some help with my pacman frogs heating situation. Right now I am using a 40w ceramic heat emitter in a regular dome, but it only gets his tank to about 75 in the daytime and maybe 72 at night. I donít think that sufficient, so iím looking into what else I can do. I would like to get a thermostat, but with that would you change the temp manually for night time temps? Idk if that would work for me since I have him running on natural light from my window (no direct sun) but I leave for work in the morning before the sun comes up so iíd be unable to change it from nighttime to daytime temps. I donít know if iím overthinking this or what??? Who knows but I do know I need higher temps with a drop at night and idk how to achieve that. Any recommendations are highly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Pacman frog heating

    Spyder robotics and vivarium electronics both make thermostats with night drop accessories. They aren’t exactly cheap but they work exceptionally well.

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    Ooooh, unfortunately I can't afford those right now.. :/

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    I have a 75 w ceramic heater for the day, and 60 w ceramic heater for night. It keeps the temps at about 84 during the day and 78 at night time. I bought a timer from Petco, it's either Zoomed or Exoterra that I set to switch the heaters every 12 hours. So at 7 am it switches to daytime heater, and 7 pm it switches to night heater. It cost like 20 bucks I think. I also bought a two dome light fixture from Petco that I think was bout $30-40 so one side has the 60 w and the other has the 75 w. I had a REALLY hard time getting the temps up in my tank as well and had to go up from the 60 w to 75 w in order to get it over 80 degrees during the day.

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