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    I am setting up an 18x18x24 terrarium for RETF's. I am unsure if I have set up the terrarium correctly. I have about 2 inches of hydroballs in the bottom, the mesh sheet next, 2 inches of ZooMed ReptiSoil, a layer of Zoomed Frog Moss, and a layer of leaf litter. I have 3 bromeliads, a pothos, and some sticks to climb. I am using a Mistking starter with 2 nozzles and spray 3 times daily for 15 seconds each. My heat element and thermostat is steady at 82 degrees. My problem is the humidity seems to be low. The humidity raises to 99 percent right after I mist, but then it drops to 35 per cent until I mist again. The tank has been set up for less than a week. Do I need to mist more? Is this normal for the humidity to drop this much between misting? The top is half covered with Plexi glass. Thank you for any help and advice.

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    I wouldn’t fret. Most hygrometers are inaccurate and besides RETFs benefit from some ventilation. Your setup and misting schedule are fine. Unless you are trying to initiate breeding I wouldn’t worry.

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    Thank you. I kept thinking that I'm doing something wrong. I am waiting at least a month before I get an RETF. I want to make sure the conditions in the tank will be good.

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