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Thread: What else to feed my Fire bellies?

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    Default What else to feed my Fire bellies?

    I have 2 fire belly toads, both adult males around 2 inches (without including leg length). They have been fed exclusively crickets for their entire lives and I wanna give them variety but I'm not sure what else to get them. I know mealworms aren't the best because of their exoskeleton being too hard, but I was wondering about like superworms/waxworms/nightcrawlers? I know super/wax worms look too large for them to eat so I'm just curious, what have you tried to feed to your FBTs?

    PS: i'm planning on setting up a bipactive paludarium for them soon, and was wondering if it would be safe for them to eat the springtails/isopods that would be in there for soil cleaning and such
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    Default Re: What else to feed my Fire bellies?

    You can also try black soldierfly maggots. They have a good calcium to phosphorus ratio and are an all around good feeder. Also they probably will eat the isopods but ignore the springtails. Either way it’s fine both are ok and are good supplemental foods. Just be careful that they don’t wipe out your isopods. Many species breed slowly so let them establish before you stock.

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    Default Re: What else to feed my Fire bellies?

    I feed mine earth worms and red runner roaches as well

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    Default Re: What else to feed my Fire bellies?

    I have 3 fire bellies, steady diet of small crickets, but I do occasionally give them waxworms as a “treat”. High in fat, and soft, unlike mealworms. I usually hand feed the waxworms to them. They will be able to digest them.

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