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Thread: What else to feed my Fire bellies?

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    Default What else to feed my Fire bellies?

    I have 2 fire belly toads, both adult males around 2 inches (without including leg length). They have been fed exclusively crickets for their entire lives and I wanna give them variety but I'm not sure what else to get them. I know mealworms aren't the best because of their exoskeleton being too hard, but I was wondering about like superworms/waxworms/nightcrawlers? I know super/wax worms look too large for them to eat so I'm just curious, what have you tried to feed to your FBTs?

    PS: i'm planning on setting up a bipactive paludarium for them soon, and was wondering if it would be safe for them to eat the springtails/isopods that would be in there for soil cleaning and such
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