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    Hello everyone,
    I have had my WTFs for just over 5 months now, this is my first time owning any type of frog and I am loving every minute if it. They are so funny.
    Anyway getting to the point, I have Three frogs and when I first got them one was smaller than the other two. she came out of the same tank when i bought them but after the first week I set the smaller one up in a tank on her own after finding her with her head all the way in one of the bigger ones mouths. Luckily she was unharmed.
    The two bigger frogs have grown a little but the small one is exactly the same size as the day I got her. She is very healthy and she eats well but she just stays the same size.
    Should I have seen any growth by now within the five months, she's so tiny compared to the other two But she is very sweet. she is about 1 1/2 inches.
    Not really worried about her, I'm more just wondering if you can sometimes get a frog that may stay very small.??

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