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Thread: Adopted Fantasy MDB?

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    Default Adopted Fantasy MDB?

    Hi Friends,

    So I was so in love with my kiddos Pac, I adopted one myself. The new little guy came from a young student who didnt have a light, and I suspect didn't supplement. He was in a pretty dry tank, no heat and had been fed primarily mealworms. He is the same age but about 1/4 the size of my other Pac (she is a lady frog so its possible its a he). He was a little boys pet, and while he wasn't mistreated, his conditions and nutrition weren't optimal. I have concerns he is showing signs of MBD. He has slightly splayed rear legs and rarely stands up on his front legs. he also is a terrible digger. The jaw feels firm, but has a slight overbite. There is no jaw droop though. He is really stressed with the move. I have had him for 4 days, and have gotten him to eat 3 crickets but he struggles slightly a little with lunging or catching prey (which was why I initially became worried). He REFUSES to eat anything dusted so far.

    I have plans to take him to an exotic vet but the closest is about a half a days drive, and I want him to settle first so I don't stress him horribly so I was hoping to let him go another week in his new environment and to try and feed him well.

    My question is this... have any of you had luck with a liquid calcium, the kind you put in water to soak up? I know that I shouldn't give too much right now, because it can cause issues. But I would like to start him on something. Since I cant get him to eat dusted, do any of you have other suggestions? I want to try and give this little guy a chance, and give him some nutritional recovery. Any advice?

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