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Thread: Pacman not eating and staying buried

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    Default Pacman not eating and staying buried

    My Pacman frog, Henry, has been staying buried and I have uncovered him twice to try to feed him some Dubias and night crawler pieces with tongs, and just dropping the Dubias in front of him, but he refuses to eat. I got him a month ago from a local reptile shop. The pet store said that they were just feeding him pinkies.

    1. 10 gallon tank
    2. 1 Pacman frog
    3. Humidity is at about 80%, I have a digital hygrometer
    4. He is at room temperature
    5. Spring drinking water that comes in the jugs
    6. Eco-earth
    7. I have a water bowl in the corner, a big fake plant, and a half log hide
    8. Hoping to be nightcrawlers and Dubias
    9. I have been dusting them with calcium with Vit. D3, and I do have a multivitamin for once a month
    10. He is albino, and Iím not sure if theyíre sensitive to bright light or not, also he just has ambient room lighting
    11. Room temp.
    12. He has never eaten for me
    13. I havenít found any poop
    15. Refuses to eat, although still has a healthy weight I think
    16. He is a juvenile, probably less than a year old
    17. I have had him for one month
    18. He was captive bred
    19. He wonít eat
    20. The only times Iíve touched him is once when putting him in his tank, and twice when uncovering him, every time with my hands wet with the spring water.
    21. He is kept in a pretty low traffic area, itís my room and I pretty much only sleep in there
    22. I havenít done a substrate change, and I changed the water in his bowl when it got low.
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