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Thread: Green Tree Frog questions

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    Hi! Relatively new frog owner here, I'm coming up on my 6 month anniversary with my little white's (dwight)! I'm seriously considering getting an American GTF next, but I have some questions first.

    1. How loud is the green tree frogs croak? I've heard the videos and I don't think the sound would bother me, but I live with my parents, so I'm wondering whether you would be able to hear it in another room.
    2. can you keep whites tree frogs and green tree frogs together **while they are the same size**? I know that No Species Mixing is a good rule of thumb, and I would never house differently sized frogs together, but I figured that since they are so closely related and their requirements are so similar, it could be conceivable? Would size still be a problem since GTFs are skinnier? I have an 18x18x36 for dwight, so I don't think space would be an issue.
    3. Which is safer for Green tree frogs, paper towel substrate or Coir? When Dwight was a baby I used paper towels because he was such an aggressive eater, but is coir/peat ok for green tree frogs, or does it depend? I know paper towels have higher bacteria buildup.

    If any of you have any thoughts, please let me know! Thanks

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    Default Re: Green Tree Frog questions

    I’d strongly advise against mixing the two species.
    1. American green treefrogs are by and large wild caught and you could bring unwanted parasites and disease into your established terrarium.
    2. Whites (Litorea caerulea) are much larger and could stress or even prey upon a full grown American green (Hyla cinerea).

    As far as substrate coco fiber is fine but provide a feeding cup to lessen the risk of impaction.
    Their call can be loud but that’s part of the fun.

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    Default Re: Green Tree Frog questions

    Exactly as stated above and I own the Whites Tree Frogs as well. If you've ever seen in person how large they get it's unbelievable. I would not suggest this because the whites isn't shy and like other frogs but when they get bigger they will make the green feel like it is prey. The White's would dominate in feeding and snap at the green. It would be bad. You could keep another whites tree frog with your current one. They are really funny together and I'd actually recommend another because I love seeing how they hangout together.

    The White's has been studied and known to be in close proximity to other White's and their cousin the White Lipped Tree Frog. They will sleep together and seem to enjoy the company. But only with their species and their close relative who is the largest tree frog in the world so the whites can't eat it lol

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