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Thread: TB Chytrid scare

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    Unhappy TB Chytrid scare

    EDIT: BD not TB. Sorry, I'm a little frazzled with worry

    My Anaxyrus fowleri may have gotten Chytrid. His wart spots and toes look stained red and his thigh area looks pink. I have not noticed excessive sloughing of skin or him sticking his legs out and lifting his belly off the ground. But he has been really still, sitting out in the open, and slow to respond if I interact with him. Also, his face has decolorized and is white around the mouth. His name is Black Bean because he is typically very dark, but his color has lightened significantly.

    I took him to the vet and he gave me diluted chlorhexidine to dab on him twice a day. We don't have a positive diagnosis on chytridiomycosis because the vet was going out of town (he was leaving today, I'm glad I called when I did!) and he didn't have time to get a skin sample for pathology. So the medicine is a precautionary treatment just in case it is TB. We will have a follow up next week with one of his associates who will still be in town. In the meantime, I am to be looking for fresh stool samples to rule out parasites and other illness.

    The thing is, I have five toads total, and I have quarantined them all. I am concerned I did not catch it fast enough and the disease may have spread. What are some symptoms I should look out for? And how long should I keep them quarantined? Will I have to dump everything out of the tank? I just redid the tank because of ants so I don't want to go through that again. What do I do with the wood, plants, and decor I had in the tank?

    At the moment they are all a little stressed out from the emergency tank redo and now being quarantined into individual tubs. Last night I gave them all honey baths because they were backed up from stress constipation (from the ant ordeal) and too many mealworms. The vet said the honey may irritate the illness and to only soak them in plain water. Should I feed them nightcrawlers to help with constipation? Or should I hold off on feeding till they all poop?

    I would appreciate any advice on how to navigate this situation. I am a new toad parent and have only had them since last July.

    Here are some photos of Black Bean. The last one is a photo of him from November for comparison.
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    Default Re: TB Chytrid scare

    So one of my other toads, Pepper, now has pink feet and "neck" area. She was also shedding and the skin coming off was red tinged. I do not know if this is a regular shed or not. It was slimy and kind of bubbly when it came off her. The vet did not look at her but I put the chlorhexidine on her as well.

    I couldn't get a picture of this as my hands were full of toad and a cotton ball.

    ETA: Forgot to ask, I went out and bought Nightcrawlers as they will be easier to digest, when should I feed them? One of my toads, Starscream, pooped today and it was mostly beetle and mealworm chitin. He might have some more stuck in there. I don't want to feed and make the situation worse.
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