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Thread: Red Eyed Tree Frogs

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    Hello all!

    I keep reptiles and invertebrates and I have a random 20-gallon tank that is kind of just collecting dust right now and when I move in March I was hoping it would maybe have a new occupant A lot of people suggested a frog species of some kind and I think red-eyed tree frogs are really cool. I am finding a lot of conflicting information on them though so was hoping to ask some people who keep them about proper care.

    So some things I do know is that they need high humidity but also good ventilation. So %60-85 seems to be what keeps popping up. They should not be wet or moist all the time. And they do okay with ambient temps of 75-85. I also know they need fresh water at all times for soaking, and I usually use a reptile water treatment to make sure the water is safe for my pets.

    Some things I would like to ask about is: Will a 20 gallon be alright for them? I am worried about the lack of vertical space although I will obviously be giving them a lot of climbing spaces and plants and such. Also how often should they eat or do they just need food available at all times? What are some good plants for them? Are they a good candidate for a bioactive enclosure? As far as heating, would a heating pad be okay for them? I live in Colorado so during the winter months it will more than likely be necessary to provide supplemental heat. I was planning to also provide UVB lighting for them and the plants in the enclosure.

    Alternatively, if you know of a good care sheet or site please let me know! I did see the one in the stickies but the link did not work. Also, if they won`t work for the tank I have, let me know of a species you think WILL work

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