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    Hi guys....

    New here and new to pet frogs...looking to get a horned frog and wanting to know reputable breeders either online or in the Cleveland, Ohio area....made a HUGE mistake and bought a little albino from a local pet store and he died in a week....looked almost like a seizure, very sudden and out of the blue...your forum has been very helpful in helping me “diagnose” why...instead of blaming myself I realized how many health problems my tiny pale friend could have come with...and why using a reputable source to procure another new friend is the only way to go...I should’ve known better anyway, I have many different babies at home, from a tarantula to a dog and a lot in between...and I knew about the cardinal rule of avoiding chain store pet role the dice.
    So I just wanted to come by to say hi and thank you all for your posts so far

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    hello, welcome!
    online places might be a better place to try, my dude is from Under Ground Reptiles, their stuff is captive bred but I've heard the costumer service is not too great. if your not comfortable with shipping, Facebook's a good place to look for breeders in your area. Do plenty of research about the people your buying from as well.
    As for your guy, i'm sorry he passed away, sometimes parasites are the main cause for sudden deaths like that, you could take fecal samples at some points to have a vet check it to make sure your frog is doing okay.
    hope this helps!

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    Many things they sell are wild caught. Yes they are difficult to work with even some small questions I've asked the owner was very brief and unhelpful. But they are also growing to be one of the top 5 online stores for reptiles and amphibians with how big they are getting.

    Try Fauna Classified many breeders and stores sell frogs that would be in great condition. I got my Skinks from there. They've been alive for years and are doing wonderful.

    Hope this helps. Also I wouldn't discourage you from Underground Reptiles.

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