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Thread: Sick American Tree Frog With Discoloration Spots

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    Default Sick American Tree Frog With Discoloration Spots

    I've had my American green tree frog for over a year now. Pretty sure it broke one of its legs over a month ago (it's slightly bent about halfway between the foot and the joint) but didn't seem to be too bothered by it behavior-wise, although it doesn't seem like he can control that foot anymore. I'm not sure this is related to the broken leg but about a week ago this spot between the eyes became apparent when its skin was green. At first I thought it was sunburn (not sure that is a thing) or something because I had changed the lighting to a 60 watt bulb for a few days before I could find a replacement 50 watt daytime bulb that I usually use. Other than that, there hasn't been any change to the enclosure in over 8 months but there are live plants in there that I manage. The spot doesn't seem to be getting better so I've been giving him baths with a trace amount of Melafix (like 1 drop per 10 ounces of water ratio) every night just in case it was bacterial. He does not seem to be losing his appetite, although I've admittedly probably been paranoid and trying to feed him a bit more than usual. He definitely seems more lethargic these past few days, more huddled up than usual.

    Any ideas what this looks like? Please help, the vets around me admittedly don't know anything about tree frogs and I want to save this little guy.
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