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Thread: Nematodes/Roundworms in Bioactive Vivarium Soil

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    Default Nematodes/Roundworms in Bioactive Vivarium Soil

    Recently I noticed a bloom of these small roundworms in the soil of my bioactive Pacman frog vivarium, which has been setup since Thanksgiving last year. The only material used for the soil is coco fiber, and there are live plants in the tank as well as a wood hide. I did a little bit of digging in the soil and the worms are only really noticeable on the glass walls of the tank below the substrate line. Another thing I noticed is that groups of them seem to become entrained in the large water droplets that cling to the glass in my drainage layer.

    Attached are some photos of the worms. They are whitish-clear in color and very small and thin. In the second photo there is a temperate silver springtail next to the worms for scale (this species is smaller than tropical white springtails).

    Are these worms a normal part of bioactive vivarium soil, or are they something I should be concerned about for the health of my frog? I have had these in terrariums and a snail vivarium before, but I couldn't tell if they were parasitic or harmful in any way. Any insight would be helpful.
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