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Thread: Very loose stools suddenly. Young frog

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    Default Very loose stools suddenly. Young frog

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Size:  3.60 MBMy going pixie frog is approximately 2 inches long, unsure of age. I’ve had him about a month and a half and everything has been fine until today. He had a very loose stool today and after looked like he wanted to poop more but was unable. He sat up straight how he usually does when he poops and I could see his anus(?) flexing like he was pushing. Nothing came out though. I immediately made him up a 83 degree bath that he is still sitting in. I worry about impaction and maybe that the calciworms I’ve been feeding or feeding him too much has caused it. I’m worried because I’ve gotten very attached.

    1. Size of enclosure? 40 gallon long tank.

    2. Number of inhabitants? Just this one

    3. Humidity? Gauge reads 60-70% constantly. Have a screen and make it “rain” daily.

    4. Temperature? Approximately 75 at night, up to 80 in the day. Water is the same, tank has a cool side that stays around 70-73.

    5. Water? I use dechlorinated tap water for misting and soaking.

    6. Substrate? Eco-earth

    7. Environment? I have 1 fake plant, a log hide(mostly unused) and two dishes for water.

    8. Main food source? Primarily crickets and roaches. I have fed calciworms with holes poked in them and wax worms as treats.

    9. Vitamins/ calcium? I dust calcium+d3 every other day except the weekend. One day on week end I dust multivite instead.

    10. I use two infrared bulbs. One is always on, the other exclusively heats the large pool from 10 AM to 4 PM. He is in a room that also gets plenty of natural sunlight.

    11. Heating? Mentioned in #10

    12. Feeding? Just fed him tonight, he ate a lot. Loose stool came out during feeding. If it helps to know, I’ve been feeding him outside the enclosure in a small litter box (bought new, never used by cat) to avoid impact ion from eating dirt.

    13. Poop lately? Yes. He’s pooped nearly every day for the last week, including yesterday. Always solid and normal looking. Only thing strange was the husks of calciworms.

    14. Pics? They’re included on the post. Pic doesn’t show it but there is a second light. It rests on the screen normally and I’ve added a second pool since that pic was taken. The new one is larger and allows him to submerge entirely.

    15. No behavioral or visual changes except for this. He is just as active, doesn’t appear to be in pain, and is still hungry as ever. Only strange thing was the loose stool during feeding and he appeared to be trying to poop more but nothing would come out.

    16. Unsure of age.

    17. About a month and a half in my care.

    18. Wild or captive bred? Joshs frogs claims it is captive bred.

    19. I mentioned in number 8 what I feed. They are all gotten from local pet store chains except for the calciworms, got them online. I feed once a day. He eats a lot and now I’m concerned I’m over feeding. I give him as many as he can eat in 10 minutes or so which is a lot. He’s eaten as many as 20 small/medium crickets at a time.

    20. I only handle him once or twice a day, only to get him out to feed and back in or for cleaning.

    21. Area is fairly low traffic for most of the day. When we’re home at night there is a bit of noise in nearby rooms but not much.

    22. I change the water every day, more than once if there is poop in it. He’s never pooped in the substrate so I haven’t changed it. I mix it every day so the bottom becomes the top and so on.
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