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Thread: New To Bullfrogs. Looking For Advice

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    Default New To Bullfrogs. Looking For Advice

    I got a bullfrog from a local fish store 2 days ago. He/she is about 2.5 ~ 3 in. wide. They didn't say whether he was African or American so I do not know. I found some disturbing things online and have a few questions for you guys. I've ordered my questions in order of precedence. I'm very worried and any help is appreciated.

    (1) - I read somewhere that bullfrogs have salmonella. My frog seems to prefer staying in the water rather than come out on the surface. Should I be worried about the salmonella being introduced to the water/tank? Is it harmful to any of the species I have in the tank (refer to list below)?

    (2) - Just saw a video of a bullfrog eating a scorpion of compatible size. And another video of one eating a mice). Is my aquarium community (refer to below) in potential danger? I hear they are voracious eaters. Should I be worried about my fingers when I go to handle him/her?

    (3) - The frog won't eat. At least not while I've been watching it or trying to get it to eat. I placed live mealworms as well as a live cricket on a surface within the aquarium. A couple of times the cricket came right up to the frog and started climbing on the frog. No budge.


    Aquarium community:
    - Fish (don't know what kind)
    - Lobsters (Procambarus Clarkii, Cherax sp., Cherax quadricanthus)
    - Crabs (Red fiddler, gold fiddler)
    - Snails (Mystery, Nerrite, Rabbit)
    - Fire Eel


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