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Thread: Please help identify this frog

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    Default Please help identify this frog

    I made the poor choice of purchasing a frog with enclosure off of craigslist. I was told the frog was a golden tree frog so I thought it would be nice to put him with my anole. I purchased the tank and frog looking at the frog he seemed large to be a golden tree frog but I assumed the man knew more than I did so I brought it home. Once home I was able to take a good look at the frog and he is absolutely not a golden tree frog. I'm very curious to know what he is. I also want to know if he could coexist with my bahaman anole. The frog is relatively large, holds on to my hand like a tree frog but doesnt seem like he could climb the sides of the tank. Hes a nice frog he didn't have a problem with being picked up (I washed my hands and wouldn't normally pick up frogs I know its stressful I did it so I could get a photo of it)
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    Default Re: Please help identify this frog

    Could be a cuban tree frog, probably not compatible with the anole, they eat everything that might possibly fit in their mouth.

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    I'm not sure what kind of frog it is, but I do know from the shape, bone structure, and lack of toe pads that this is a true frog of some sort and therefore completely incompatible with any kind of anole. The reason some people will cohabit tree frogs and anoles (although mixing species is generally not recommended) is that they're both arboreal and like similar conditions. Whatever frog you have in the photos is semi-aquatic and requires a polar opposite setup.
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