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Thread: Something is off with this baby frog

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    Default Something is off with this baby frog

    The other day I purchased a young bullfrog from an expo, about the size of a quarter. Later that night when I went to see if it would eat yet, it displayed some weird behavior. When I set a waxworm on the (paper towel) ground in front of it, the frog would just start repeatedly snapping at the air in the worm's general direction but not even come close to grabbing it. As if it didn't realize that it had to aim its head DOWNwards. When the worm would move off, the frog would follow after it a bit, continuing to lunge completely ineffectively. As if there's something wrong with its depth perception.

    Tonight it's still displaying the same behavior. It sees the movement, starts lunging over and over again but gets nowhere close to grabbing the prey. It's also been hopping at the sides of the cage, and seems to keep unbalancing itself and falling over upside down.

    Could it be some kind of neurological or visual issue?

    My problem is that it doesn't seem to be used to eating off of tweezers either, so I'm having a difficult time feeding it. It WANTS to eat, but it can't get the food on its own and it's still too scared I think of me reaching in there with the tweezers. So I'm not sure what to do since I've never had a problem feeding my other frogs and toads like this. At the tiny size it is, is it safe to not feed it for a couple days to see if it can settle in a little more?

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    Default Re: Something is off with this baby frog

    Well poop, nobody has any ideas then huh?

    In any case, figured I would do an update if any lurkers out there are curious. The frog is still alive but really isn't doing much better. I moved it into an opaque container and switched to cocofiber instead of paper towel, and it seems less stressed this way. Appetite is absolutely terrible and even when eating from tweezers, it take multiple tries for it to grab the prey item. I end up sitting there for a solid 10-15 minutes just to get it to eat one single thing, and so far haven't been able to get it to eat more than three things a night. It's so tedious and it's making me feel kind of miserable thinking about having to do this every single night for the forseeable future.

    I'm going to try and get a stool sample to have it checked for parasites, but according to the vet the sample should be no more than 12 hours old so that's going to be a pain trying to get it into the office 40 minutes away when the frog has only pooped at night so far.

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