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    Hi! I just got a ten gallon aquarium, and then I was browsing along the internet to see if there were any type of aquatic animal that could live in a ten gallon. Repeatedly, I got the "African Dwarf Frog." I have learned that they grow up to be around 3 inches or so, and that they can live in a ten gallon pretty well. I have done some shallow research so far, but I figured this forum would be so much better as I can get customized answers. I have many questions, but here are some of them: Do you think that an ADF could even live in a ten gallon? If so, how many others could it fit since they are very social? How much land do they need, leading to the question of how should they tank be set up as? What other fish/animals could they potentially live with? What type of filter do they need, and what about the heat? Thank you!

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