I'm Nervy, i'm 13, and i draw stuff sometimes.
I'm here to introduce you to my new buddy, Alastrom!
I've been researching Pacman Frogs for about 2 months and found this guy being resold
originally from Underground Reptiles.
They're about 3-4 months old.
Not sure on their gender however, just have to wait for him to grow a bit.
I'll be getting them next week, always up for tips and warnings on keeping these guys,
if your concerned on anything with the frog or the care, let me know! I plan on painting the sides and back of the enclosure black and adding a hide and water bowl,
as well as some fake plants.
I may add a ceramic heat emitter when their a little bigger or at least more used to their new home.
I'll also remove the sticking thermometer to replace it with a probe thermometer.
Here are some of the images the breeder sent, can't wait to see the little guy in person!

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Thanks for reading!