We just put our 3 male Cuban tree frogs into their new exo terra 36/36/18. They explored for an hour or so and climbed into their cork log and haven't come out for 3 days! I've had these guys since they were tadpoles (2 years plus) and they are not shy, always good eaters and have provided us with a very loud nightly pool party around their swimming tub. I've done a ton of research and almost positive that I've got their enclosure set up correctly: everything rinsed, drainage layer, established substrate mix from their old cage, nice temperature gradient from top to bottom (95 f to 70 f), UVA and UVB, LED strip, clean up insects, little pond, plants, moss, leaf litter, etc. I used plain silicone and some high temp hot glue on the background and allowed it all to cure for 2 weeks, no smell. Any ideas on what's happening with my boys? Thanks😊