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Thread: How do I see if I have a male or female edulis?

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    Default How do I see if I have a male or female edulis?

    There is so much info about sexing the large pixies, but I have trouble finding info on the smaller edulis.

    At what size is it possible to tell gender? I know a lot of people talk about age, but I don't know the age of Tinkerbell, and with the weak lower jaw making it hard for her to feed properly I'm not sure her size would match her age anyways. The lower jaw problem is also why I'm not sure she or he will ever properly vocalize.

    I understand that the level of yellow in the armpits is helpful for sexing. I have trouble finding proper pictures of edulis's showing this.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated and I can take pictures to show you what Tinkerbell looks like, I just need to know what angles are most useful, so I don't stress her out too much.

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