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Thread: Help! Exterminator is coming tomorrow

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    Default Help! Exterminator is coming tomorrow

    So I have an ant problem. My family got ahold of our apartment manager and she called the exterminators to come over. We told her that we have a child (my niece) and that pets that would potentially be harmed. Anyways she was able to schedule them to come in a few days and that we would need to prepare for it. Well today we got the paper detailing what needs to be done and it noted that “Pets should vacate for 4 hours and pet birds for 24 hours”. Where would my Pacman frog lie within that? I know it’s not a bird but it is a sensitive animal regardless.

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    Default Re: Help! Exterminator is coming tomorrow

    Hard to say, it depends on what they are using, i would go with the longest one, 24h. Frogs are sensitive to environment.
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