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Thread: How Long Can You Leave A Juvenile Pac Man Frog?

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    Default How Long Can You Leave A Juvenile Pac Man Frog?

    Hi! I recently got a strawberry albino pac man frog.
    I have a 7 day trip coming up in about 3 weeks, and was debating on what I should do with my frog. He's been doing really good. Tank moist and at a good temperature. I did tons of research before purchasing the little guy, and he seems to be doing great!
    However, I have a trip coming up, like I said. Like many of us know, Frogs eat live food like crickets for example, and many people aren't fond of that. Not many people I know love bugs, so I wasn't sure if I could leave the little guy home for a week. Obviously, I'd have a timed mister, but I don't know what I could do in terms of food.
    Of corse, I'd find someone who would be up for the task if he couldn't be left home, but I just want to know what some of you think.

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