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Thread: Is my Pacman Frog enclosure adequate?

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    Default Is my Pacman Frog enclosure adequate?

    Iím getting a Pacman frog soon and I want to clarify that I have everything it needs. I have a Zoo Med 10 gallon heating pad, a cheap petsmart thermometer/hygrometer, a log hide, a water dish that is a bit deep so Iíll be building a ramp for my little guy, glow in the dark tongs, a spray bottle, coconut fiber substrate, (not placing it in there till I get it next month) and distilled/chlorine free water for my 10-20 gallon tank (itís a hand me down from someone who previously owned hamsters so idk the exact size).

    ive decided a heat pad was the best option but I would be sticking it on the side/back rather than underneath. The cheap thermometer/hygrometer Iíve read about is accurate on temperature but not humidity. Iíve decided it would be okay since as long as I mist twice a day, keep the substrate moist, and keep a water dish close by Iíll be fine. The log hide would be for comfort, and the glow in the dark tongs I figure would be better for feeding. I plan on getting Pac Attack for food or something similar, however if it doesnít eat it Iíd try to switch it over by at first feeding it nightcrawlers. This leaves me with my final question, when cleaning the enclosure, how do I go about the heating pad thatís attached? Would I just clean the inside of the tank and not the outside and therefore not have to worry about water touching the tank? And how would I clean the tank?
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    Default Re: Is my Pacman Frog enclosure adequate?

    Where shall i even start lol step by step.....
    enclosure - if you are getting a baby, its way, way too big. Big tank, especially open one = big problems, and that type of tank that is shallow creates humidity control problem and high stress levels for a frog.
    heat - 10 gal UTH wont do anything and once it is positioned you cant reposition.... my suggestion, return in and get infared or ceramic heat lamp and lamp with dimmer, or separate controller.
    Cheap thermometer/hydrometer is a garbage get at least digital.
    distilled water is absolute no go for pacman frogs. You need dechlorinated tap or drinking spring water, for tap water you could use any fish tank water conditioner, my fav is Prime.
    log hide you dont need, pacs rarely use them as actual hide, get hanging plants, prefferably silk ones) instead that you could attach in a way some of then are on a ground. Thats the best hide for a frog.
    Humidity..... 2 times a day in your kind of tank not going to happen, unless you live in a very humid climate.
    Food... unless trained speciffically babies rarely eat from tongs, not right away anyway. Myself i dislike pac attack, its really bizzare consistency. Out of powdered foods i prefer samurai pacman food, but all these commercial foods cant be a staple, but they are convinience for sure. Variety of foods is a key, but prepare crickets at the beggining, most babies prefer them, accordingly sized.
    Missing something probably to say...
    get plastic kritter keeper ( cover 3 sides of it), a plant, dome with the dimmer or controller to hang above, get ca with vit d and multivitamin powder.... set everything up, see if parameters are right, adjust if needed, When you have everything set and ready and working fine, then you are ready for a frog.

    by the way - thank you for asking questions and getting ready prior to getting a frog, that shows you are trully responsible keeper and will be just fine!
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    Default Re: Is my Pacman Frog enclosure adequate?

    Thank you for responding. I will definitely work on changing some of the things such as the water and the thermometer, along with adding in a critter keeper to prevent any problems caused by stress. I live in a hot and semi humid area. When it gets cold in the winter my family always has the heater on so the temperatures remain at a constant 75-85 degrees throughout the whole year. But on the off chance that it does get cold, i think Ill respectfully stick to having the heat pad, as I’ve heard a lot of great things about it. I’ll also take your advice and mist more, as I wanna make sure it doesn’t dry out at all. Also as much as I’d like to get crickets, my family won’t let me get crickets or roaches, so I might try to compromise by getting freeze dried crickets that are dusted and/or nightcrawlers as I hear they are a really good staple as well. And I agree on the pac attack but I was thinking something along those lines like the one Zoo Med came out with where you mix water with it and it becomes a ball. Idk, I’d like to hear your input as I’d do anything to make sure its suitable for a Pacman frog

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