So I ended up with a situation, I bought american toads online (and yes, i now know to not order online from questionable sites) and received three underweight (I can see their hips and tailbones) cane toads. I'm not too bothered, I like the little buggers, but I'm not sure how to get them to eat. They're in a 30 gal with one big cave, two smaller caves, and a flowerpot to sit in, and two water dishes (they spend most of their time in there).

I received them Wednesday and since they were probably wild caught at some point, as most cane toads are, they will not tong feed. The dubias I had were intended for much smaller toads, so they're not really acknowledging them yet (I think it's stress) and consequently I panicked and went to petsmart to buy crickets and superworms. So far, I've gotten one to eat a superworm, another ate a cricket, and the third ate a big dubia. They won't eat if I'm around, so I've been putting them in smaller tupperware to eat and leaving the room, coming back, and counting the insects left. And yes, I'm supplementing and gutloading the feeders already.

I'm about to be moving back to college and I want to get them to eat some stuff before they get stressed by a second move. Is my strategy of putting them in separate tupperwares to eat a good idea? I don't want to just release into the tank yet because I need to make sure they're eating.

Also: How do I train these guys to be chill with tong feeding? I tried holding a wiggly superworm in front of them but they were too focused on escape to acknowledge it. Also, can they eat small pinky mice?

The tank is a little bit chilly because these weren't what I was prepped for. Right now it's usually 67 degrees or 72 with their light, but I'm about to be back at college where room temperature is 75 degrees and they'll be toasty warm. I'm looking for a good heat mat right now to get, but I'm moving back tomorrow so they'll be warm soon. I keep the tank moist by spraying it very often, it's dry in my house but again, they mostly chill in the water bowls.