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Thread: Whites tree frog bloated and hunched over?

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    Default Re: Whites tree frog bloated and hunched over?

    Quote Originally Posted by dumpyjunky View Post
    I had no idea that a naturalistic environment could be the result of something like this. Darnit.
    I had to spend near $1k on just two animals. So I know exactly how you feel but if you can contact that vet and ask them if they would be willing to help you get on a payment plan or they might have some type of a card that you can charge it on and make payments. If they truly say that you care about your animal and that you are going to pay them it should be a lot easier. But yes I had to soak my animals as well. It's definitely something that needs medical help for this diagnosis.

    That is the one thing many people don't understand about the bioactive setup. Even having native species I can speak from experience it is imperative to only have captive insects to get them from high quality sellers and to make sure that you treat your plants and so on. If the frogs aren't quarantined then whenever they poop they will release parasites in their poop which will live in the soil and can even infect healthy frogs and also the cleanup crew could get infected. And this could infect the sick Frog even further. there are a lot of things to consider when having a bioactive setup. I think you have a very beautiful setup I'm just saying for anybody who reads this in the future to be aware of other problems that might occur like this.

    Once your frog is treated it might be easier to change out the soil and research how you can clean the plants to rid them of any parasites they carried on them. I really hope it works out!

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