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Thread: Light for vivarium for Red Eyed tree frogs...

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    Default Light for vivarium for Red Eyed tree frogs...

    Hello, so I have been doing some research of Red EyedTreeFrogs and have a couple questions... I will be doing a Vivarium and wanted to know what kind of light to use in a 18x18x24? It will host live plants so it will need UVB ect.. I was looking at the Exo Terra natural light 2.0 and it comes in 2 different watts, 13 and 26 watts! Now which watts would be good to purchase?? I am open to everyone’s opinions and suggestions!! Just want to make sure I have a beautiful thriving vivarium for my little frogs and a healthy one too! Also how long would I leave the light on for the plants ect...

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    Default Re: Light for vivarium for Red Eyed tree frogs...

    I’m a little late to the party here, but A) plants do not require UV lighting, and B) 12 hours on/12 hours off is a decent light cycle for the plants.

    As far as wattage goes, that is not as important as the color spectrum that the lights receive. Bulbs in the 6700k (kelvin) range are excellent for most plants.

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