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Thread: Tree frogs in plastic (questions)

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    Default Tree frogs in plastic (questions)

    I am new to tree frog keeping, and just am in the planning stages, so PLEASE no judgement.
    I wondered if ADULT tree frogs can be in plastic containers (vs. Glass) and approx. Size(s) of enclosures?
    Either way, can babies go into plastic and how long?
    Rain chamber(s) - same questions?
    Thank you much, in advance!

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    Default Re: Tree frogs in plastic (questions)

    What kind of treefrogs? I have raised pacific treefrog tadpoles in plastic shoeboxes and have some new morphs in a plastic critter keeper. It is easy to put pantyhose over the top of the critter keeper when i feed them fruit flies to try to keep most of the flies around so the frogs can eat them. Moving them into a larger tank is a good idea though. You cant really put an undertank heater or heat or uvb lamp on a plastic tank. Depends on what type of frog, how large, how many in a container, etc.

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