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Thread: New Owner Need Help

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    Unhappy New Owner Need Help

    Hi everybody! New to the forum and to owning any kind of frogs.

    Today I added a member to my family of one. Filbert, a Red Eyed Tree Frog. He was vibrant, lime green, smooth and clean, and happy and smiled and winked at me in the store. So I took him home. I had some looking into tree frogs and chose him.

    When I got home, set up his habitat, and put him in, I'd already noticed a change. His color had shifted darker, he was dirty and wouldn't move. I figured he needed to acclimate. When I moved him from the small container the pet store had given me and put him into his enclosure he seemed desperate to get away- he flew out of my hand and tried to hop away. I caught him and put him into the enclosure but he doesn't seem to be getting any better. He's been in the same position for hours. He won't clean the dirt off himself and he won't let me hold him to help him. He is dark green and his eyes are closed.

    Sorry if this seems like I'm freaking out over nothing, or if I'm being impatient. I've been Googling possibilities for hours and no luck.

    For reference his habitat is this:
    -Kritter Keeper Plastic Habitat (
    -an inch of Reptisoil
    -well-misted with water and Reptisafe
    -a plastic plant for climbing
    -Reptitherm Mini 7 heating pad (stuck to outside)
    -Zoo Med Thermometer
    - three live crickets in the cage for food
    - a small shallow water dish with water and Reptisafe

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    Default Re: New Owner Need Help

    It’s normal for red eyed treefrogs to sit motionless for hours on end given that they are a nocturnal species. I only see mine after lights out an that’s when he exhibits his darker coloration. An acclimation period of a few days is typical. But be advised that frogs do not typically respond well to handling. I’d realistically avoid any handling period unless absolutely necessary. Provide a shallow dish for soaking, a day and night cycle and just be patient. Also, kritter keepers are a less than optimal enclosure. You’d want to go with something more vertically oriented and be sure to add some cover such as live or fake plants or cork bark.

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