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Thread: Mossy frog setup

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    Default Mossy frog setup


    I've just acquired two young Theloderma corticale and currently have them in a 10 gallon setup. I plan on upgrading them to a 20 gallon tank soon. I've been feeding them small crickets and flightless flies. Temps are 66-75, it has 3 inches of water with a small filter, and oak leaves on the surface to put tannins in the water. If you suggestions or advice, please let me know!Name:  IMG_20190103_174945650_HDR.jpeg
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    Default Re: Mossy frog setup

    Your setup is perfect. I keep my group of 4 in a 29 gallon but these 2 will do fine in a 10. The tannins in the water will definitely keep things clean.

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