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    Hi there! I was just wondering... I've been feeding my baby Pac-Man crickets for the first few days, but all my crickets died pretty quickly. I just went to the pet store to get more, but they were out of crickets! They sold me about a hundred or so mealworms, but I've read that they're high in starch and can cause liver damage if you feed too many at a time! I don't own a car, so I can't go out to get more/different food for him often. Will he be okay if I feed him on mealworms for a while?

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    The general consensus is that mealworms be avoided as a staple feeder due to the high chitin content and general dietary concerns. Superworms are a slightly better alternative. Calci worms also known as black soldierfly larvae are prefered in the absence of crickets. Dubia roaches would also be a god substitute if available. Some people use earth worms but I’ve had poor results. If you are feeding a staple of crickets with only occasional mealworms you’ll be ok for a few feedings but I’d get back to crickets ASAP.

    Find out out when your cricket supplier gets in a fresh shipment and try to purchase on that day. House them in a reasonably sized container with good ventilation and feed them a good gutload diet and you’ll have less due off.

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    Default Re: Mealworms

    Like you may have heard, mealworms shouldn't be used as staple feeders. Crickets are very popular among frog owners, and if you'd still like to use them, I have some tips on how to keep the alive longer.

    Try getting a bag of crickets (if you don't buy them already) usually with the "Carry out crickets" some are already dead. Also, ask for extra egg cardboard. Egg cardboard gives the cricket somewhere to hide, and they'd probably feel safer with it.
    Buy a small cricket keeper, and supply the crickets with food. I use the orange cricket cubes.
    It might sound like this is all a lot of money, but it's really not that much. And, your crickets might stay alive for up to two weeks!!
    Good luck!

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