Raised tadpoles from a drying up river to replace our pacific tree frogs ( we had some for 18 years). One tad turned out to be a toad. Mr Toad is about four months old. When i went to feed him one morning, he seemed dead (back legs stiff, stretched out, was under his hide). But he opened his eyes! Rushed him to exotics vet who put him on calcium gluconate oral and by injection. He had tremors which have gradually disappeared. Have been treating him for a month, with CA, vitamins and minerals, reptaboost, forced feedings, mineral water soaks, uv. Lives in a 10 gallon aquarium by himself. Temp 80-82, iverhead bulb. Very very friendly. At first was edematous, and couldnt move, but soon he defecated and has improved steadily. Problem is that the more active he gets, the more worried i am to leave him alone and i have to return to work soon. Occasionally he goes on his back and cant right himself, once or twice per week. He is chubby. One back leg/ foot is a little bowed and held next to his body but he burrows in ecoearth and kicks very strongly, straightening his legs and pulling them back in by himself. Propels himself forward readily but one front leg isnt quite right...he doesnt lift it enough when he walks. Have been doing gentle passive motion physical therapy exercises to try to get him to walk better but it is very slow. Do others have success with this? Are his defirmities permanent and nit likely to improve? Would really like to get him walking enough so he is safe and as happy as possible. He is an alert happy little guy. I feel terrible that he had MBD. His crickets were gut loaded but obviously that wasnt enough so now i am supplementing everyone (all frogs too) with dusted prey plus calcium in their water. He just loves being in a shaliow dish of water. He resists my putting 2 wk crickets and an occasional small phoenix worm or moth in his mouth but once the prey is in his mouth, he swallows happily. Defecates readily. Wants to walk around. Am worried because he doesnt yet feed himself. Should i let him get really hungry to see if he will eat? Should i ask the vet for xrays? He has improved greatly but is far from normal.