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Thread: DRIFTWOOD for The Rainforest Exhibit and a lot of it!!!

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    Default DRIFTWOOD for The Rainforest Exhibit and a lot of it!!!

    We just went down to the Alabama and Tennessee border to meet one of our sponsors, the Etsy Store:

    Owner, Amy Chambers, had been helping me for months to pick out pieces that I would want for The Rainforest Exhibit, from her inventory.
    Not only did she bring the pieces we talked about, but she brought about 20 other pieces on top of those!!!

    Basically she filled my car with driftwood and we are thrilled and appreciative for all of her help and efforts.

    The ISSUES is, there are so many cool pieces...I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO USE AND WHAT TO LEAVE OUT!!!
    The actual enclosure is 5 feet tall by 5 feet long by 4 feet deep without the stand and canopy! With the stand and canopy it stands at 8 feet 4 is HUGE!!!

    In an upcoming vlog, I go through ALMOST every piece and maybe you can help me decide.
    The Rainforest Exhibit YouTube Vlog Channel is:

    Here are some pics of SOME of the pieces in the BLANK exhibit (using boxes and accessories to get an idea of the layers...just playing), along with a bunch of Faux Rocks from our other sponsor, Vivarium Works (more about them later)


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    Default Re: DRIFTWOOD for The Rainforest Exhibit and a lot of it!!!

    Here are some more pics for your viewing entertainment! Seriously, just messing with ideas, layouts, etc. I am procrastinating since I know I need to carve the foam and that is a CHORE!
    Nevertheless...I have to get to it!

    Notice the carbonated water 12 ounce can to get an idea how BIG this "THING" is BIG! But it is awesome for sure!

    Also, a couple pics of my bromeliad grow tent. ALL the bromeliads were provided by my awesome partners,
    There are 2 Phalaenopsis orchids in there and one Ficus Tree, which ALL are doing WONDERFUL!!! The Phalaenopsis Orchids are living in an average of 73 degree temps and between 55 to 99 percent humidity and bloomin over and over again!
    I prepped them by filling/drenching them with pure RO Water, letting them sit for 5 to 10 minutes and then draining them out. Done this for over 1 year. Only put these in the grow tent about six weeks ago when I received the bromeliads...everyone is doing great!!! Trust me, partner or no partner, you can get some beautiful...STUNNING bromeliads for and ask for Alex!!! Tell Alex, MAG said Hi!!!

    Name:  tre EXHIBIT Dec 2018 003.jpg
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