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Thread: Fantasy frog died suddenly

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    Question Fantasy frog died suddenly

    Am just heartbroken. Our six year old Fantasy just died suddenly. She was eating until a week ago and occasionally soaking. A week ago, she moved to a different part of her 10 gallon aquarium under a hide. Temp 79-80, humidity 60%, misted twice daily, cocoearth substrate. She seemed kind if lethargic but not unusual for her. Tonight she just would not open her eyes and died. She had calcium and D3 on crickets a few times per week. I tried soaking her in water with a little calcium and honey to no avail. No lumps, no duscoloration on her underside, had not shed her skin although ready for that. What did i do wrong? I feel so very sad as she was the most beautiful and sweet frog i have ever seen.

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    I am very sorry for your loss.

    My pacman frog only lasted for 9 months and I was heartbroken when he past. Died I believe due to impaction.

    A pacman frog living for 6 years is one hell of a good life and impressive care taken. I would consider a good pacman owner for having their frog live at least 2-3 years is good.

    It is very heartbreaking and to me its like losing a family member. But do know that you gave Fantasy frog the best life she ever had.

    No need to feel bad about that after mourning.

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    Default Re: Fantasy frog died suddenly

    eharper15, thank you for your kind reply. I still want to know what i did wrong with Fantasy because i have read that they can live 12-15 years. I have had several kinds if frogs ( Pacific chorus frogs, whites treefrogs, fire bellies) with some living over 18 years but have never succeeded for long with pacmans. Am very sorry for the loss of your frog. Pacmans are really difficult to keep and i dont know why.

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    Thank you,

    Pacman frogs are very difficult. Seldom will you find any pacman owner on this forum or anywhere consistently raise 10+ year Pacmans.

    A lot of this has to do with pacmans are in the Ceratophryidae family. Ceratophryidaes are known to not live as long as other species of frogs/toads such as tree frog or fire belly toads.

    That is why you here people have a hard time raising budgett frogs past 2-4 years because budgett frogs are in the Ceratophryidae family.

    I've heard of many pacman and budgett frogs die for unknown reasons or diseases. Owners will have everything perfect: The terrarium, the humidity, the temperature, the diet, the whole 9 yards and the frog still dies unexpectedly.

    That isn't to say that pacman's and other ceratophryidaes don't live past 10 years because they can and do, however one theory that I think is true is that pacman's may still be adapting to a northern hemisphere environment because they are naturally

    found in the south american amazon climate and temperature.

    I don't have all the answers and I'm sure there are owners that have more expertise in this area and could chime in.

    If there is an owner that can consistently raise 10+ year Ceratophryidae I'm all ears but for the time being they're just simply not as durable as other frog/toad species such as: tree frogs, fire belly toads, etc...


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