Hi everyone,

I had a very large tank (90cm tall, 60 wide, 45 deep) set up with 2 whites tree frogs and 4 giant African millipedes. As these seemed to be thriving for a few months, I decided it was safe to add to it. Hunted around for a RETF around the same size as Whites so they won't eat each other. Everything running smoothly, but I'm a bit concerned because I'm not sure if my RETF is eating or not - I've never actually seen him eating, but he's very inactive when the lights are on.

I know the simple solution is feeding them in a separate enclosure, such as a bowl, so I can see how much they eat. But RETF seems pretty nervous - if I try to move him, his goal is just to hide again so he won't touch the food.

I was hoping to get some advice for this. How can I monitor community feeding habits without moving the frogs?